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A custom crafted syllabus for those looking for a career in digital marketing or business owners who want to explore online promotions.

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Facebook Marketing In Tamil

With this course, my aim is to provide the skills of marketing on Facebook in Tamil for small business owners looking to promote their products or services. This course will also be useful for students to gain insights into the fundamentals of Facebook marketing.

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My experience from careers across different sectors has helped me inspire many with my progressive and successful growth. Starting from the role of programmer at Wipro Technologies to being the Marketing Head of Naturals Salon & SPA Chain and eventually starting my own Digital Marketing Agency has helped me script down the best of stories to tell.

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With over 80+ happy clients whom I have helped to grow their business exponentially on online platforms, I am confident that your business too can be grown with a strategic and ROI driven marketing campaign. Every business sector reacts differently to digital promotions hence, it is important to devise a strategy that is custom crafted for every business. Your search for a new opportunity through digital promotions is just a click away.

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