I am on a mission to positively Impact “ONE MILLION TAMIL SPEAKING PEOPLE” by teaching them to leverage the Internet, Life Tools & Technology for them to live a super cool digital lifestyle!

What is this 21-day challenge?

Success begins outside your comfort zone and habit formations take a considerable period of sustained activity. This course is designed to pull you out of your comfort zone, consistently push you hard on a day by day basis and end with a solid set of habit formations. This is a daily live course that starts at 5 AM and ends at 6 AM for 21 consecutive days! You will also have complete access to the daily course material and access to the strong community network of possibility thinkers from various industries.

Live Sessions

Access to the daily live video & interactive sessions for an hour with individual attention provided on-demand

Study Material

Full access to all study material related to the course content shared over the official channels

Community Access

Access to a 1000+ strong community of action takers and possibility thinkers who you can network with to learn and earn

Who can take this challenge?

There is absolutely limitations in terms of age, gender or any career! We have had possibility thinkers ranging from all age groups from a 13 year old to a 65 year old, from a homemaker to an entrepreneur employing 1000 people to academicians to government administrators. This challenge is for anyone who wants to learn and develop from within and at the end of the day become better than what you were yesterday.

  • For school and college students – To gain focus and confidence at your daily studies
  • For working professionals – To achieve instant improvement in efficiency of work and become better at your daily job
  • For entrepreneurs – To better manage your mind and body and in turn convert the energy into bigger business and create employability
  • For homemakers – To create changes to make daily life easier, family life smoother and also to find opportunities to earn secondary income
  • For “anyone else” – who wants to become a better version of themselves only through self-motivation and self-tuning of your daily activities

What does this challenge cover?

The challenge encompasses a wide spectrum of tools and technology to help you identify opportunities, rejuvenate internally, better your current way of working and achieve success with the right mindset. The main areas covered would be:


  • Purpose
  • Where am I going?
  • Bucket Lists
  • Vision Boards
  • Declutter
  • Self Image
  • My Value Systems

  • Mails
  • Todo Lists
  • Social Media
  • Chrome Extension
  • Money Tools
  • Online Branding
  • Professional Networking

  • 13 Factors of Growth
  • 4 Circles
  • 3 Layers of Sale
  • The FCC Formula
  • HTG
  • Energy Ball
  • Life is like a Marathon

Some words from possibility thinkers who have experienced results

About Dharaneetharan

Shake the world in a gentle way, says Mahatma. Man cannot live in isolation and so we need a support system to make our baby steps count towards making the world better for us and fellow beings.

Dharaneetharan enables every single individual to sprout as better versions of self as an individual and as a representative in the society at large with a purpose driven community of action takers. The self discovery process empowers each person to be happy and joyful in all walks of your life.

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