Certified Digital Marketing Expert & Consultant

“Dharaneetharan, a Certified Digital Marketing Expert & Consultant. He heads the aarie of Social Eagle firm. After graduating from Madras Institute Of Technology, he worked with IT giants like Wipro, Verizon, and Telcordia.”

He headed the marketing division of Naturals, India’s No. 1 chain of SPA & Salons. With over a decade of experience in IT & marketing, he has mastered the art of creating a winning situation for the client always.

He is an incredible leader, an energetic entrepreneur and a man overloaded with humbleness who is adored by everyone. He is an inspiration for fiery youngsters and budding entrepreneurs. He believes in WIN WIN WIN concept, the victory of the Customer, the Company and the Team.

He is an avid reader, movie buff and a marathon runner. His spirit to tap new business potentials is seamlessly high.